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Knowing me...

A married woman in her 30's and a proud Mum to 3 beautiful kids. Good-nature who loves life and everything that came with it. Other things she loves are; fashion, digital scrapping, cooking, nature, travel, shoes and handbags. Certified beach bum, chocoholics and flash nuts. Pet peeves: public spitting and wide-open mouth masticating. Can't live without...her family and camera!

Aim: is to offer the best and fun way, in all sorts of photography for less. 

Story/how it started?

It started as a hobby. But I believe it's a passion that I'm born with. Though, it took me 17 years (from birth) to finally had a gripped of a real camera  as it wasn't easy to afford such back then. If it isn't basic then we shouldn't spend a single penny in it. That's what my Mum used to tell us. Anyway, with a determination to have a camera of my own I'd made way and work hard for years and eventually was able to afford my ever first camera, a Pentax) - it was a film one and a pretty good camera I must say, used it for couple of years then it got dropped and was not able to recover from it :-( until I met my husband (used to be my boyfriend back then) when he bought me a replacement - another film camera by Kodak. To make a long story short, I first got a DLSR on Christmas 2007 - as a gift from my better behalf. After admiring other's people's photography, I thought, why not pursue the hobby/passion that I once stopped and perhaps turn it as a way of living? It's not possible to dream and make it come true. Well, one can only hope anyway. Didn't realised that it takes time, determination, commitments,  patience and courage to start a photography business. For the meantime, I'm slowly building-up my confidence, as well as my portfolio and experiencing more. To the extent, I'm considering taking a lessons to earn qualifications/certificates in photography while waiting for my little one to grow a bit older before I can finally start and launch this little business that I plan. If it's what I love doing then I shall give it a go! I have the husband's full support so there's no reasons to resume it any longer. So, I hope you are all there to support in my new venture.

Ongoing plans...

...is to cater all sorts of photography from --

-->newborn, infants, toddlers, (indoors/outdoors)

-->occasions/events (e.i.weddings, graduations,birthdays

-->family portraits/groups (indoors/outdoors), 

-->maternity/pregnancy (indoors/outdoors

-->Youth/Teens/ (funky fashions or just ondinary portrait - indoors/outdoors)

  and more...just inquire!

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